Our high performance starts with a culture of shared values

Our Values

Our willingness to learn, change, and pursue continuous improvement strengthens our capabilities, culture, and reputation.

Our achievements and the sustained high level of repeat business are the rewards from being trusted combined with hard work, clear vision, and great teamwork.

Our success and the continuity of our business, comes down to not taking our business or opportunity for granted.


Our most endearing value is our genuine desire to improve everyone’s wellbeing. This is done by improving work life balance; creating and sharing experiences and wealth; and respecting ourselves, our colleagues, our stakeholders and community.


QMC Group values its clients equally to its employees. We aim to provide the highest quality service in everything we do. We understand that our clients deserve and demand the best, and we work hard every day to deliver their expectations with excellence. The implementation our accredited quality, safety and environmental management systems is a fundamental cornerstone of achieving excellence in every area of our operations. Our repeat and new business opportunities are testament to the efforts of our staff and their work ethic. Our repeat business exceeds 95% and is never taken for granted.


At QMC we believe that, until proven otherwise, there is no such thing as a bad idea. All employees are encouraged and often rewarded, for bringing their ideas forward to help QMC stay on top of the game. Civil construction can hold many challenges and often nasty surprises, since 1995 we have found many innovative means of overcoming them. We are in the fortunate financial position, due the first generation of QMCs efforts, to be able to invest in exploring new ideas, if required.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We maintain open, continuous, and honest communication with our clients and all other relevant stakeholders and always aim to operate with the highest ethical and moral standards and actions. We have longstanding relationships with clients and consultants as well as retention of employees.


QMC Group’s projects are almost always complex and challenging. Often the works are in very busy public domains with fast-track programs and continuous exposure to regulatory authorities, the media, large corporate organisations, and political influences. These projects require a 24/7 commitment to deliver, and the delivery will never compromise safety, the environment or quality. Our desire is to improve everyone’s wellbeing. This is done through improving work life balance, creating, and sharing experiences and wealth and by respecting ourselves, our colleagues, our stakeholders, and community.

Our Focus

QMC Group launched our FOCUS initiative in 2017. The purpose of the initiative is to seek continual improvement in everything we do by focusing our attention to detail on our wellbeing, quality, safety, and the environment. By doing this, QMC Group endeavours to achieve successful project outcomes for the client, community, QMC and all other stakeholders.

On a personal level, QMC Group hopes that the FOCUS Initiative and associated branding provides benefits to every individual at work and at home. The FOCUS branding seeks to constantly remind and emphasise the importance of Family, Oneself, the Community and all of US.

At work, the FOCUS Initiative and associated branding provides a constant reminder of the need to FOCUS on the important areas of mutual respect, environment, quality and safety management, client, and stakeholder satisfaction. It means going above and beyond what is expected to ensure QMC Group strives to provide a higher standard of industry service and product, while providing the safest workplace possible.

Participation in the FOCUS Initiative is mandatory for all staff to achieve the highest level of excellence in our works. QMC Group recognises and rewards employees who show exceptional performance in implementing and/or achieving the goals of the FOCUS Initiative and acknowledged by the quarterly QMC FOCUS Champion Award and the annual Jennifer Gao Outstanding Effort Award a now deceased dear friend and colleague who personified QMC’s FOCUS mantra.