People & Culture

QMC Group’s workforce come from a diverse background of skills and experience which are utilised on our projects. We know our employees remain the Company’s greatest asset. We seek to foster their development and professionalism through training and mentoring programs to ensure our workers reach their full potential in all key areas. We like to think of our staff as an extension of family, and thus provide the support, guidance and information they need to safely and effectively complete their work tasks.

QMC Group values its Clients as equal to its employees. We aim to provide the highest quality service in everything we do. We understand that our Clients deserve and demand the best, and collectively we work hard each and every day to try and deliver to our Client’s expectations with excellence.

To do so we utilise all our available resources, together with our highly skilled and experienced staff to:

  • Implement strict quality, safety and environmental management requirements;
  • Maintain open, continuous and honest communication with the Client and all other relevant stakeholders; and
  • Operate with the highest ethical and moral actions all the time.

Our repeat and new business opportunities are testament to the efforts of our great staff and their work ethic.

We also appreciate the contribution our Clients make to the Business. They lead by example and maintain high expectations.