Broadway Cycle Link

ClientCity of Sydney
LocationSydney NSW


The Broadway Cycle Link project is being undertaken to create a safe and connected green corridor for walkers and bike riders, bypassing the main roads. The 1.5 kilometre streetscape upgrade will link Darlington, Chippendale and Ultimo. Works will include constructing new pedestrian access ramps and crossing points, a widened footpath at intersections, trees, pedestrian lighting and signs to improve safety.

Work will take place on the following streets/intersections:

Shepherd St & Wilson St
Shepherd St & Wilson Ln
Shepherd St & Abercrombie St
Shepherd St & Lander St
Shepherd St & Lander Ln
Shepherd St & Calder Rd
Shepherd St & Calder Ln
Shepherd St & Boundary St
Shepherd St & Rose Ln
Shepherd St & Ivy St
Shepherd St & Vine St
Shepherd St & Cleveland St
Shepherd St & Myrtle St
Myrtle St & Pine St
Peace Park
Myrtle St & Buckland St
Myrtle St & Wiley St
Myrtle St & Abercrombie St
Meagher St & Abercrombie St
Meagher St & McAlister Ln
Meagher St & Balfour St
Balfour St & Teggs Ln
Balfour St & Little Queen St
Balfour St & Queen St
Thomas & Jones St
Jones St
Jones St & Mary Ann St

broadway cycle link
broadway cycle link
broadway cycle link