About Us

Quality Management & Construction Pty Ltd was established in 1995. Its core works are in civil and building construction. We have successfully completed projects through a broad spectrum of construction including construction of power station and sub-station; demolition; detailed and bulk excavations; roadworks; bridges; pipelines including communications, drainage, sewer and water; railway construction and re-construction; building and building maintenance; restoration and heritage works; and environmental protection works.

QMC Group’s projects are always complex and challenging. Often the works are in very busy places with fast track programs and continuous exposure to regulatory authorities, the media, large corporate organisations and political influences. All these projects require a 24 – 7 commitment to deliver, and the delivery shall never compromise safety, the environment or quality.

Other than our diversity and the physical display of our works QMC Group believes that the true indicator of our success and capacity is the level of repeat business. Our repeat business exceeds ninety five percent. QMC Groups greatest satisfaction is when our clients want to come back, accordingly we are happy to continue the relationship with them.

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