25 Years of Construction

A Track Record of Quality and Success

About Us

Quality Management & Construction Pty Ltd was established in 1995. Its core works are in civil and building construction. We have successfully completed projects through a broad spectrum of construction including construction of power station and sub-station; demolition; detailed and bulk excavations; roadworks; bridges; pipelines including communications, drainage, sewer and water; railway construction and re-construction; building and building maintenance; restoration and heritage works; and environmental protection works.

People & Culture

QMC Group’s workforce come from a diverse background of skills and experience which are utilised on our projects. We know our employees remain the Company’s greatest asset. We seek to foster their development and professionalism through training and mentoring programs to ensure our workers reach their full potential in all key areas. We like to think of our staff as an extension of family, and thus provide the support, guidance and information they need to safely and effectively complete their work tasks.


Twenty-Five Years

1995 - 2020